Steven Goff

Steven Goff, CFO, Director of Business Development

Steven was born and raised in Pontiac, MI. He was raised in a family first environment with a strong influence to participate in team-oriented sports. He was afforded the opportunity to attend Pontiac Catholic High School and received an academic/athletic scholarship to attend Wayne State University to play collegiate football. Steven quickly gathered an understanding that football was not going to financially support his future and transferred to Oakland University where he graduated with an Economics degree. He is proud of his middle-class roots and athletic upbringing that gave him a great foundation for life. He credits his family for instilling in him a hard work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create a better community. Steven’s passion to assist people landed him with a technical staffing firm right out of college. With hard work and determination, he was able to open and co-own a local staffing firm. He has spent the past 17 years working in the highly regulated consumer lending and banking industry. He currently holds both State and Federal licenses to sell insurance and securities. Steven was first introduced to the Michigan Medical Marijuana program in 2013, which assisted him to alleviate some of old athletic derived ailments. He has been a registered patient since and has embraced the plant for its medicinal qualities. Understanding the potential of this new opportunity, in 2014 Steven and his brother/business partner Anthony purchased a piece of property in Burton, MI that was suitable for medical marijuana. They have a firm commitment to doing things the right way, waiting for the state to regulate this industry. The State of Michigan has finally put legislation in place to regulate the medical marijuana industry and its time to execute.

Anthony Goff

Anthony D. Goff, Founder and CEO

Anthony was born September 9, 1966 in Pontiac, MI. He was fortunate to grow up in a very supportive family with an abundance of positive adult role models in his early life. Anthony developed a passion for participating in competitive sports starting at age 4. His passion for performing at a high level has spilled over into his professional career as well his family life. Anthony and his wife Barbara have raised two children who are very productive individuals and positive influences in the community. Anthony’s passion for sports and community involvement has led him down a path to mentor and coach children from ages 5 to 19. A successful serial entrepreneur, Anthony’s start-up staffing firm (co-owned with his brother Steven) achieved $1M in sales in its first year of operation. Now he’s the co-owner of NuWay Sales & Engineering, with sales growth of $5M within its first 4 years. He brings that proven success in overall management responsibility to Nature’s ReLeaf. In addition to Anthony’s practical business experience he has been a caregiver in MMMP for over 3 years. The care-giving experience included Anthony setting-up and maintaining a 72 plant grow facility utilizing several different growing methodologies.